10 tips to make your brand a success on Instagram

Achieving success on Instagram is one of the great goals of many national and international brands. Instagram started as a simple social network in which each user could upload their photographs and videos, but over time it has become a space in which any B2C brand worth its salt should be. In September 2015, Instagram reached over 400 million active users per month and more than 80 million images are shared every day. Therefore, Instagram is a social network that you should not miss because it can help your digital marketing campaign to expand and achieve the predetermined objectives.

Instagram can make a difference by generating a great connection with your audience . But what are the tricks to make your brand a success on Instagram by buy real instagram comments. Below we suggest 10 tips that will help you increase the engagement of the community with your brand, increase your followers, gain notoriety in the network and thus, differentiate yourself from your competition.


  1. Optimize your profile

You must properly work on your brand’s profile on Instagram so that you quickly identify which brand is and makes it unique. Always put the name and logo of your company and use the biography to briefly explain everything your company does, including a link that takes users directly to your website.

Remember that this will be the only space in which Instagram allows you to include links so you must choose very well which one to highlight: are you going to send users to the homepage of your corporate website? Maybe to another space in another social network?


  1. Choose videos and images well

The real secret of Instagram is the multimedia material. The text goes to a second place in this social network. Therefore, always try to choose attractive images and videos to surprise your followers.

Remember that the communication that is handled on Instagram is usually playful and humorous so it would not hurt if the tone of your messages was less corporate.


  1. Hashtags, the key to success on Instagram

Instagram is a social network in which hashtags are practically essential. If you use them properly you will achieve notoriety in the topics or concepts that interest you. You can also encourage yourself to create your own hashtag.

But beware of overloading, limit yourself to a maximum of five hashtags, otherwise it may be too much.


  1. Play with the followers

Raffles, games, contests … anything goes! It is an ideal way to contact your followers and increase engagement. The types of contests on Instagram can be very varied, although the most common are the “like’s contests “. In this type of contest users opt for prizes that you offer if they “like “you in your image.

There are also regular drawings in which the community is asked to comment or share images using a specific hashtag.


  1. Know your followers

As in any social network, it is essential that you pay attention to the hours when users are most active. Take advantage of that time slot to schedule your posts, establish discussions and even interact with the accounts of some of your followers.


  1. Feedback

One of the best tips to achieve success on Instagram is that you maintain continuous contact with your followers. You must worry about your community trying to answer your questions as soon as possible, participating in your comments, learning which images are the most appreciated, proposing new hashtags or participating in those about which most of your followers meet.


  1. Always bring something new

Users have to feel like they get something new if they follow your Instagram account, something they cannot get elsewhere. For example, show your most personal side or look for something special that can only be achieved on your Instagram.

This will be a good incentive for users to start following you and end up getting success on Instagram.


  1. Publish regularly

If you spend long periods of time without publishing anything, users will lose interest in your brand. Therefore, always show yourself active but without saturating them.

The most common recommendations in studies that analyze the impact of Instagram messages are to publish a photo a day and a minimum of 5 a week. Only then will you be able to be in the minds of your users.


  1. Measure your actions

It is essential to work with data. Therefore, you should always be attentive and measure the effectiveness of each image or video you upload. This will help you to know which content is the most attractive or the most successful among the users.


  1. Connect with other social networks

Instagram offers the possibility to synchronize your profile with other accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr or Flickr so you can publish simultaneously in different accounts.

Be careful with this option since each social network is different and has features, audiences and special needs, so something that has been a success on Instagram may not be on another platform. However, if you are active in this network you can help improve the content of other networks.

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