5 symptoms of prostate cancer that you should not ignore

The prostate cancer, in general, does not present symptoms when it is in its initial Sign & Symptoms. However, when it is already fairly advanced, it usually shows up with certain symptoms. Here, we will show you the 5 symptoms of prostate cancer clearer so you know them and do not go unnoticed.

Discomfort when urinating

If at the time of going to the bathroom, the onset of urination takes longer than normal, burns or hurts a lot, it is a signal that could be confused with an infection but is related to cancer.

The frequency of ideas to the bathroom increases considerably, especially at night. In addition to the delay and pain, the urine cannot be expelled with the necessary force, or it is interrupted in the process, and the sensation that there is still urine in the bladder may remain.

Pain or burning in the urethra

Since the prostate is much related to the urethra, alterations that occur in the size of the prostate, usually affect it considerably, according to its location, squeezing and making the passage of urine is difficult.

Pain in the lower back

If the cancer has metastasized to the vertebrae, it can cause severe back pain ranging from acute or chronic low back pain. The structural changes in the vertebra or the vertebrae due to the presence of cancer, can condition that there is pressure on the spinal cord and lead to pain, either in the area involved, or areas less close to the prostate as the pain known as “sciatica”.

Blood in the fluids

If the expelled fluids (urine or semen) turn a reddish or light brown color, it can be thought to be a sign of the presence of blood. In other words, cancer is damaging tissues and producing wounds.


If the cancer has compromised the lymph nodes of the pelvis, there may be a blockage of a fluid running through the body called lymph. This blockage in the pelvic region can condition the swelling in the legs, but it can also affect other areas, such as the genital region.

It is likely that these symptoms are also generated by other medical problems, but we recommend that, if you suffer from any of them, tell your doctor to find the cause and solution promptly. If you want to protect yourself, download our free Male Prevention Guide, where you will be informed about the most common cancers in men.

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