5 Tips for Elevators for Houses

The elevators for houses are one of the main solutions to save the different levels of the home in a comfortable and safe way.

One of the solutions available today to improve mobility and provide accessibility in private homes is the installation of single-family elevators (MONTASCALE).

Until a few years ago, the only possibility, in terms of elevators for houses, was the installation of a conventional elevator, the same one that is installed in neighborhood communities, hotels, etc.

Nowadays, it is also possible to install a reduced speed elevator, which has become the first installation option thanks to its great adaptation in practically all private homes.

How are home elevators?

Among the particularities of this type of home elevator we can find that they are aesthetically very similar to conventional lifts, with the main difference that their speed is limited to a maximum of 15 centimeters per second.

This lower speed gives them a series of advantages and disadvantages over conventional lifts, among the main advantages we can find that both the cost of the elevator itself and its installation, as well as its subsequent maintenance and maintenance are lower than its counterparts, conventional lifts, In addition, we must also bear in mind that the requirements for auxiliary work are minor, which also affects the price and better adaptation to the available spaces, especially in homes where the elevator shaft was not prepared.

Although it may seem obvious, it is also important to indicate that, having a lower speed, the necessary motor is smaller and therefore its energy consumption is lower, also enabling it to be both single-phase (usual voltage in most of houses), as three-phase.

In terms of personalization and aesthetics , the two types of lifts allow multiple configurations of cabin finishes and types of doors, including semi-automatic and automatic doors, in this aspect, the reduced-speed elevator also allows to be installed without doors in the cabin in its more basic version, in these cases in replacement of the cabin door a photoelectric barrier is installed and the operation of the elevator happens to be with constant pulsation, that is to say, the push-button must be kept pressed until it reaches the indica plant, where it will stop automatically.

Regarding its disadvantages, we have that these types of elevators are not appropriate to save more than five or six floors or for those cases where a high traffic of passengers is expected, the reason is none other than its lower speed.

5 tips on home elevators

If you are interested in purchasing an elevator for a single-family home, you may be interested in these five tips.

Elevator or Stairlifts? It is important to bear in mind that the installation of an elevator in a house usually requires a series of reforms and auxiliary works for its installation, besides the price and the conservation of this type of elevators is greater than other mobility options such as In the case of the stair climbers, for this reason, it is important to know the different possibilities and take them into account.

Choice of the type of Elevator for house, if it is to save up to five floors and the use to which it is intended is particular, the option of the elevator of reduced speed will be in most cases the most successful, if, by the otherwise, we have a great height to save or the elevator will be used intensively, in most cases the best option would be a conventional lift.

Installer company, it is currently relatively easy to find installation companies, but they are really specialized in each type of elevator, install them directly, without intermediaries and have their headquarters or delegation with technical service as close as possible to the installation site In order to be able to solve any incident or breakdown that may occur, it considerably reduces the options taking into account that they are points that can affect both the price and the service.

Only Lifts approved and suitable for people, to this day there are still many doubts about this point. Both in the private and in the public sector, whenever the elevator is intended for the transport of people, it must be approved by industry and comply with a series of regulations. These standards ensure that the lift has been designed, manufactured, installed and will be maintained with the greatest safety for people.

Comparing budgets, the installation of an elevator in a house is an important investment, so it is advisable to request several quotes from different companies in our area and compare the different models and prices that these offer us.

Budget for domestic elevators

Undoubtedly one of our main recommendations before acquiring a lift for private use is that you compare between different specialized companies in your area.

In this aspect, from we can help you easily and easily obtain up to three quotes from different companies near you.

To do this you only have to fill out a single form so online, and companies will contact you directly, without intermediaries, to offer their best deals so totally Free and Without Compromise.

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