Daily Care of The Headsets

Use a headset over a period of time, it will achieve the best sound quality. This time we will be able to enjoy the headphones we give the “soothing.” But some friends are not so lucky, buy a new headset to use less than a year, some even a few months, the headset will be ruined. See here, we may feel the same, “Yes ah, I also used the headphones did not take long on the bad, which is why?” The answer is simple, that is, the line headphones off and Headsets with RJ11 jacks.

Headsets with RJ11 jacks

Substantially all unusable headphones, 90% of the headset is because cable break or poor contact, resulting in headphone no sound, or only if a headset loud (possibly squeak it squeak pull sound), while the real is headphones substantially no damage to the body. Typically headphone cable most easily damaged places relatively concentrated, mainly joints, adapters and headsets at the end of the wiring to these three places. Since these three places are under a certain tension, a long time, the case of internal wire breakage may occur, so that the headphones useless. And you want to prevent this from happening is very easy, the following points summarize the experience, as long as did, pack your headphones RJ9 jacks headsets longevity!

1) using a headset try not to dead lift hard pull, light wear to the next light.
2) try not to use the headset in the rain, and the rain acidic substance may cause premature aging of the headphone cable, or even damaged.
3) try not to sleep at night when wearing headphones, is likely to fall asleep after the headset pull bad.
4) not after you are finished using the headphones ‘volume’ in Walkman, should be placed in boxes or headphones supporting bag. If the headset, you can use the CD player the size of a bag to store, do so to a certain extent it can also prevent the headset housing is spent grinding.
5) full use of headphones with attachments, such as the reel, some headphones with the line is very long (3 meters) in the long term without the use of headphones when you can roll up with a reel.

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