How to wear sweatshirts outside the gym

In personalized t-shirts we offer you tip so that you can learn how to wear sweatshirts outside the gym without looking like you have just exercised click here.

They are one of the most basic garments in the cupboards and we usually relate them to the exercise, without realizing that we can use it for other occasions. From your personalized t – shirt store we bring you some tips that will teach you how to wear sweatshirts outside the gym.

Tell me what kind of sweatshirts you have and I will tell you how to use it

Types of sweatshirts there are many and you can combine them in different ways. We usually relate them to informal environments, especially with gyms. And it is that these are something like their natural space. But the truth is that by combining them with certain clothes and accessories we take advantage of the versatility of the garment to accompany us also to other places.

You’ll find many people who tell you that wearing a sweatshirt on another occasion other than exercising is a disaster, that you can only combine them with certain pants and sneakers, but do not even think about wearing a polo shirt underneath or a button-down shirt. However, we will give you one rule that will guide you to wear this garment: if you buy in sports stores are only for gym, but dare to create new styles.

The materials and design of these garments will also serve as a starting point to combine them. It will depend on what you want to achieve, but we recommend that you buy a cotton and polyester for a casual look; they are very comfortable, quality and you can also customize them to your liking with any of the methods we offer in our store.

Keep these three tips in mind when choosing a sweatshirt to add that comfortable touch to your outfit: that is not made for exercise, look for it in other types of stores that are not sports; that is the right size, we are sure that they will be loose but notice that it is not too big (or too little girl).

Finally, think a little for what occasion you would like to take it: to the cinema, to have a coffee, a night out, an informal dinner, work (if the dress code of your place of employment allows it), etc. Also, look at what clothes you already have with which you can combine it. You can work with jeans, leather pants, boots, shirts or shirts under and even with a casual jacket.

Feminine options

If you are a woman and want to know how to wear sweatshirts outside the gym without showing a disheveled look, here we will give you several options among which you can try.

For a trendy but relaxed style, wear them with tight jeans and comfortable shoes. They can be sports or boots. You can also add some heels to give a more elegant touch to the combination or leather pants for a night out.

You will find sweatshirts with round neck, very closed, and others that have it wider and allow you to leave a shoulder exposed. You can also wear them with short or long skirts and sandals for a bohemian look.

From the rest, what remains is to combine the accessories. Add your favorite clothes, a bag with style and ready.

For men

Male fashion can also take advantage of the usefulness of this garment. Dress under a contrasting shirt, jeans, and sneakers and complete the look with a jacket (as long as the width of the sweatshirt allows it, if it is very loose better not adding another layer on it).

Replace the shirt with a shirt and add a jean jacket. As for the shoes, in addition to the sports ones, the vans style or leather boots are also good. You decide what aspect of the look you want to highlight the most. If you wear a sweatshirt in neutral colors, the shoes can have a striking color. Again, it depends on the type of output you are going to make.

You will find alternatives with many prints. If this is your style, give it prominence and keep the profile low in the rest of the wardrobe.

Tips to wear sweatshirts

We have already seen some styles in which you can combine sweatshirts. Now we will give you some general tips to take them:

  • Look carefully at the type of sweatshirt when you go to buy: you will find to exercise, casual, open, closed, etc. Buy the one that best suits your style and the rest of your wardrobe.
  • Always acquire quality materials and when you start to lose their color or if you lose shape, take it out of the closet and look for another use because it will make you look disheveled.
  • If you like prints, try to make them simple. Do not exaggerate by wearing different prints in your wardrobe.
  • If you want a relaxed appearance, sweatshirts are the ideal garment. However, this does not mean that you should lose the style.
  • The rest of the garments and accessories with which you combine them will be what will give the touch that you look for your outfit so that it does not look like you have just left the gym.

You can see that sweatshirts are not just for exercising, carrying them in your bag with your gym towels or staying on the couch watching television. Dare to create your own style with them, following the recommendations that we have taken in this post.

We hope you enjoyed this information and that you share it on your social networks so that others also have the opportunity to learn how to wear sweatshirts outside the gym. Leave us a comment if you have more recommendations.

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