Some benefits of taking protein shakes

Although every day it is more common to find people who take protein shakes every day, the truth is that today there are still many people who reject and even see their consumption as unhealthy best protein shake.

We want to show you some of the benefits of taking protein shakes and at the same time try to put an end to that “myth” or bad reputation with which they still carry today.

To start with this issue we want to make clear that protein shakes are not supplements whose purpose is the substitution of food or necessary foods in our diet, nor are they a magic potion to “inflate” our muscles, but they are going to To be an extra contribution in our diet from which to benefit.

All the macronutrients that our body needs will have to be taken as necessary, without going crazy and without excess, the important thing is to know the dose that the body needs and how to achieve our goal. That’s why today we talk about some benefits and advantages that a correct consumption brings us.

Cover our daily protein needs

We have already talked several times about the daily need for proteins that our body needs, which is usually from 0.8g / kg of body mass in sedentary people, up to 2g / kg body mass in those who exercise or train with regularity.

The problem comes in that, especially for people who train regularly and we seek to increase our lean fat, sometimes we find it difficult to eat the necessary amount of protein only through the diet.

That’s where we find one of the first benefits of taking protein supplementation, specifically cover that need. And I said cover, do not exceed, since too much protein intake will not benefit us at all, since we do not have “deposits” to store it as such in our body.

Health benefits at any age

The taking of protein shakes are not only things of people who train in the gym and want to gain muscle mass, although of course in these cases the importance of protein at the muscular level is vital. Its benefits in our body go beyond.

In fact, some time ago we talked about the benefits of specialized nutritional supplements, with high protein content, in people who had problems or heart or lung diseases, and how they positively affected their recovery.

And this not only covers young people going to the gym, but people of all ages . In fact, we are accustomed to seeing on television many advertisements of nutritional supplements for children or adults, supplements that we see with good eyes because we acquired them at the pharmacy or prescribed by doctors, but they are still supplements that greatly part provide an extra protein to our diet.

With this we do not mean that the taking of supplementation through protein shakes will end the cardiovascular problems of anyone, or that they will replace any medication, but it has been guaranteed that a combination of these factors is more than beneficial in our health.

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It can help us to follow a healthier diet

It is a fact that with the rhythm of life “so accelerated” that we carry today, take hold of any kind of unhealthy snack , and we all know what we mean …, it is more than usual.

Many times “we kill the worm” with any snack for lack of time or a whim, a snack that will satisfy us while we eat it but of which unfortunately at 15 minutes there is no trace …

A protein shake has a satiating effect much greater than this type of unhealthy snacks, which many people tend to resort too often, in addition to a low or no contribution of fat. Avoid taking a bollito or a bag of potatoes from the work machine, nor will it satisfy you or give you any kind of benefit.

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