Super original ideas to give money at a wedding

1.- A jar of macaroni stuffed with bills

We will need a glass jar, a pack of macaroons and a little patience. We wrap the banknotes and introduce them inside the macaroni. You can combine bills with papers and leave funny messages to the couple


2.- Clay moneybox and a plastic hammer

We take a good amount of coins and bills and put them in a piggy bank of a mud pig. As a complement, we will give you a toy hammer together with the piggy bank, to see if you can split it.


3.- A boat of coins and honey well sealed, original wedding gifts

We will collect a good amount of coins of 2 euros and introduce them in a glass jar , then fill up with honey . Finally, we will take a candle and melt it on the honey, leaving the access well sealed. In this way, the couple will only be able to access the coins by heating the boat to the water bath, almost nothing!


4.- Tickets inside balloons

Look for some very large balloons and put a ticket in each of them. Then we just have to fill it with air or better yet, with helium. To rescue the money they already know what they have to do, blow up the balloons.


5.- Tickets with flower shapes, fish or clothes.

It is more regular but not less beautiful. A bouquet, some fish or whatever you can think of doing with the money paper. We offer you the instructions of the flowers in a video.


6.- A wheelbarrow or a chest of coins, a heavy joke for the couple

As if it were a pirate, we will look for a chest, a box, a trunk or even, if you dare, a hand cheek. We fill it with sand and coins and, look for the treasure!


7.- The hidden account number

Great, the couple will remember you, do not doubt it. This time we are going to put the money in the bank, in an account for them. Then we will write the account number on a piece of paper and this paper, we will introduce it in a peanut. Finally, we are going to put the peanut in your bag, in a 5 kilo and mono operation, to peel peanuts in search of the number.

If you prefer, buy a puzzle (you choose the number of pieces) and install it. When it is assembled, write the account number with a permanent pen and disarm it again, put all the pieces in its box and wrap it in gift paper for the bride and groom.


8.- Ticket tart

Surely this cake will please you more than your own wedding. We provide a video for you to learn how to make this nice cake.


9.- Limited credit cards

I do not know exactly what bank facilitates you, but at a wedding we attended they did. It is about putting your gift in a credit card so that the couple, through an ATM, can get it out. The problem is that the card is limited; a limitation of 20 euros per day, so there is no other option but to visit the ATM daily to be able to get your entire gift.


10.- In a closed can in an airtight way

There is a company that sells sealed cans tightly. In them you can enter what you want. In addition, you can customize your exterior with an original label. Inside you can save the money or better yet, the account number where you can withdraw your gift.

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