Tips and Tricks Golf Clash

Golf Clash is a free to play Playdemic golf with which we can play competitive games against other players around the world or play against our facebook friends.

It’s quite intuitive and you do not need a guide to start playing. Although if you want to dominate and win, a few tricks and tips will not hurt:

Golf Clash Tricks – Place the Bullseye

It’s the first thing you have to do when you start playing, and it’s more important than the swing itself. The game will propose a default location that can sometimes be useful, but usually keep in mind two things:

Wind: You do not have it in mind, so you have to adjust the target. It is not that the wind has much effect, and less if you get a perfect. But the game will always point to the same place there is wind or not, so adjust it a little.

Distance: Usually, the ball will always go farther than it seems because it advances a lot from the first pot. So if you want your shot to stay on the street be careful to get out, but if you have the hole to shot almost always you’ll have to delay it

Golf Clash Tricks – The swing or how to hit

The technique is clear, you have to drag back the ball, place it in the blue circle and let go when the arrow is just in the yellow target to get a perfect. When you are near the hole you do not have the blue circle. But you will see if you go well of power because the hole is marked in blue. Now there are several things to hit:

Power: You can pull harder if you drag the ball below the blue circle. Although you will see that it becomes much more complicated to hit the arrow. In the same way, you can drag it slightly above the blue circle so that it goes with less power.

Diana: If you control the distance and the power, any swing deviates a lot if we do not make perfect (yellow bullseye). So you should practice until you almost never fail

Golf Clash Tricks – Improvements

As you win games, you will get chests. Each chest contains rewards in money, gems and sticks. So when you unlock a new or better suit, do not forget to select it in the team menu. The difference in scope and accuracy is usually very high as you unlock.

Golf Clash Tips – Tips

In general, think about these four tips:

Pull harder: It is not recommended, you lose precision and you just gain yards.

  • Look at your rival: When you shoot before you, it will save you many experiments, you will see where there may be problems and it will simply allow you to refine the shot more.
  • Tiebreakers: If you usually have to look at your opponent, in the jump-off you must X-ray what he does. And also think that you’re always going to have to reduce the distance if you do not want to go through a lot
  • Street + Perfect = without complications: Do not try to cross the map with a genius, usually wanting to save yourself a blow usually means finishing doing one more at a time.
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